I believe confidentiality to be key in business. Therefore I provide summarized cases. As part of my Project Information I promise to deliver the option to contact the reference of the project that most inspired you to reach out. Experience has proven this works nicely for all involved when it comes to offering you the best possible insights and guarantees.

business case - people

In over 20 years I had the privilege to engage in all kinds of strategic or tactical planning and decisions making of these plans. Some really appealed my imagination. Nevertheless through experience, I have come to understand that a plan is only the beginning. No matter how thoughtfull, panned in and colorfull, we human beings make the difference between failure and success!


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For me, this means that making choices to create the right team – in line with what an organization can handle at that moment in time - plays a key role in the starting phase of an interim management assignment. Just like continues attention as providing confidence to people and teams during the transition or collaboration.

business case - cultures (e.g. M&A)

For a company with a buy & build strategy, it is important as director to integrate the acquired companies successfully and give attention to the desired return on the investment. By opting for a management model in which the responsibilities remained within the scope of companie executives, organic growth remained above 10%. In the meantime a group of companies arose with over 3,400 people within three years finalizing this project by becoming part of an large international organization. To me a remarkable journey which made me proud. I was honoured to receive an extraordinary trophy, including a very personal appreciation to underline this success.

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business case - customer intimacy

One of my assignments was to merge four regional operating teams in to one national organization and simultaneously increase customer intimacy allong the way. 

I succeeded by choosing an approach with new job profile structures, a different way of smart automated information processing and training of employees. With the following results in addition; 

  1. reducing unwanted resignations;

  2. absenteeism due to illness, reduced to one of the lowest in this company;

  3. Net Promoter Score within ten months above nine. Which was the highest  within the entire group. 




Could you imagine bringing in local expertise gives you an advantage compared to flying in yourself all the time?

business case - smart solutions

Next to assignments on domains like business intelligence (Qlik Sense) or apps to enhance real-time customer communication (Intercom) or simplify and speed-up productivity (Wordpress) one of my responsibilities was introducing a user-friendly and distinguishing Workforce Management solution.


In other words; a smart solution which facilitates sourcing, contracting and managing the company's workforce and HR processes. Starting the project by conducting a case study and presenting this to the board, a shortlist of three options arose.

It makes me proud that the outcome of my approach has been that this company subsequently opted for Connecting Expertise. A few months after my assignment was completed, I received a message that this solution is being used for approximately thousand employees and more than twenty different HR partners.

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business case - customer focussed selling

Sales- and Account Management of the company observed insufficient conversion ratios in general and in specific areas even a decline. By taking on the challenge to create a turnaround with the team and opening up for a new game changing way of working, result was delivered. 

Within twelve months the objectives where exceeding expectations. this makes me – until this day – still proud due to the fact my way of working was been rated by management and board as a best practice.

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