Taking care of your valuable teams, clients and assets abroad

My story is similar to that of an extraordinary bird. A nice little bird also, with a colourful red-yellow beak. It coexists perfectly among large animals such as an elephant, giraffe or hippopotamus. They all enjoy his presence mainly because he removes all kinds of itching particles. On top of this he sounds the alarm when danger is in sight. If this is not the case, his whistle creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Being self-employed at Buphagidea is for me a way to help eachother. It provides a combination of sharing know-how through interim and project assignments. Something which I experience as both pleasant and powerful. As the bird who removes itching particles, I support foreign entrepreneurs and teams, so they can achieve their goals in the Netherlands or EU.

To be honest upfront, I’m at ease in surroundings like customer success services, people management, commerce, different cultures and environments which value smart solutions.

I am looking forward meeting you, and enjoy helping out.

Transforming strategic decisions into suitable tactical steps close to your valuable assets abroad is what I like to do. When needed, supported by a network of expertise from other entrepreneurs, recognized companies which emerged throughout the years. Partners I can rely on when needed for advice or deploy as a subcontractor in a more complex project.

Did this pique your curiosity?


My logo

"For me, this logo represents joyfulness and a positive feeling. Is there allready a smile to be seen on your face? 

If only for the few seconds you spend on my site, a smile has an effect on yourself and the people around you.

Did you know that in early history the bird symbolized freedom, life and happiness. Nowadays people also assign knowledge and wisdom to it. I can tell so much more if you like... Ronald Hilberdink

In my career I've had opportunities to engage in a broad variety of industries, analysing them and by doing so gaining an in-depth knowledge within areas like;

  • Business services

  • Human resource

  • Automation & IT

  • Care

  • Industry

  • Public sector

  • Logistics

  • Transport


All this provides me with the convidence to accept assignments within various sectors or different cultures.

In this role I share insights with business leaders and investors.

Feel free to view my Linkedin profile. It is available to provide more background to determine whether my expertise and experience matches the assignment you have in mind. 

Viewing my profile is easy. Just as following me on this platform. Sending an invitation to connect is a bit more time-consuming, I know. That's why I promise to answer with a personal message.