Interim- and project management

As a business executive (I assume that’s who you are) you seek ways to improve the way your teams abroad work.

From a distance trying one thing after another in an effort to figure out how to have an impact over here is one option. 

The story I tell, is not one of spending multiple figure budgets to chance some specific aspects of your foreign business. Others can deliver support there, I trust. It’s instead the narrative of delivering management support near by. 

"I envision me helping out - boots on the ground so to say - and by doing so bridging the gap between where you are and where your precious assets abroad in one or more EU countries are located".

  • Are you familiar with these forms of management and recognize its benefits?

  • In your mind, does the right interim manager combine words such as services, customer satisfaction, results, smart solutions, attention to people, pleasant person and experience?

  • Do you find it important your Project Manager can both seeminglessly as quickly interact with people and customers at different levels?

The expertise I bring pinpoints on understanding and mapping out what is important to you. This I do through a committed way of working and solid preparation. Whether it is about composing a team, training new skills, deploying automated tools or - from my experience - one of the most important success factors; tinkering on behaviour of people!